Oh Holy Crap! We’ve found the best, worst song!

Update 12/19/2013: Two different artists have claimed ownership of this fabulous rendition: Arcade Fire and another guy we’ll be posting soon.


From the depths of the internet comes a song too good not to share.

If you’re like me, you’ve heard many different versions of the Christmas classic “Oh Holy Night” and have a particular style that is your favorite. In the case of Commadotcomma.net’s blog, she has collected a singing performance that cannot be defined. It, instead, must be experienced.

From her blog:

It is truly The Worst Version of O Holy Night Ever Recorded. Here are the rules for participating in this tradition:

You must listen to the whole song.
You must listen to it at a sufficient volume.

If you don’t think it is funny, you must never tell me.

Don’t worry… it’s funny. Amazingly so.

Thanks to @AnthonyCPR for sharing this shiny, shiny diamond.