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For this holiday season, Becky Kelley gives us a new quasi-country song lamenting the fact there is no line to see Jesus at the mall.

This song bothers me on so many levels.  Based on a brief anecdote – a cute, thoughtful statement one would normally find in the fillers between articles in an issue of Reader’s Digest – the song is an overblown production of the sentiment, complete with the obligatory children’s choir halfway through the production.

And, perhaps its just me, but I enever want to see a line to see Jesus at the mall. If Christmas has become an overblown commercialised endeavour (yes), why would I want to see Jesus incorporated into that spectacle? I’d rather he be remembered elsewhere that season – in communities, at places at worship, and in the home.

Moreson, I’m bothered by the comments I’ve heard from people who thank the fact that there is finally a song about Jesus for the holidays. I think I have an iPod chock full of tunes that pay testament to the fact there are thousands of existing songs about the son of God.

So do yourselves a favor. After listening to the song above, click over to AwesomeChristmasSongs and here a song about the Son of God done right – the Gift by Aselin Debison.